Thursday, July 16, 2009

Airbrush(R) patented twin cannula liposuction.

BioSculpture Technology, Inc. developed Airbrush® Liposculpture® Systems based on its patented, gentler twin-cannula liposuction platform.

Opportunity: Liposuction is hard work for the surgeon. Most surgeons find it physically demanding. Sustained exertion and physical fatigue can result in compromised results. Its strenuous nature may induce a tremor precluding subsequent fine surgery. Liposuction is even more traumatic on patients. Patients are swollen and sore for weeks postoperatively. Results are compromised by uneven, lumpy, wavy appearance. Bruising and discoloration require weeks to resolve. Larger volume liposuction procedures have significant blood loss. Revisions and touch-ups are common.

Solution: In our patented* Airbrush® twin-cannula system only the Inner cannula moves eliminating the battering ram effect of moving cannula on the patient. Our Intellimotion® controller incorporates advanced Digital Signal Processing feedback for power assisted liposuction which is less strenuous, more controlled, and safer by design. Air power rapidly reciprocates the inner cannula for an adjustable ≤ 5 cm. stroke.

Results: By eliminating the surgical drudgery of mechanical stroking our Airbrush Liposculpture® System unleashes the artist in the surgeon.® It has been independently tested and received FDA clearance for sale.

Surgical Video: